daGama story

Gabriel Khattar

“Hey, I'm Gabriel Hattar, and I'll share with you where the idea for our project came from.”

So, my friend and I love to travel, and one time we booked a house in Cyprus through one famous accommodation booking service. The host and previous guests were all talking about how awesome and quiet this spot was, just 100 meters away from a sandy beach, with restaurants and shops nearby. It was almost a 5-star rated place.

But the reality? There was this busy highway right next door, a massive construction site going on, and instead of a sandy beach, we found a dirty wasteland. And those restaurants? You actually needed a car to get to any of the spots, which would set you back about €500–700 a week just for the rental.

While we were there, we decided to try out this fish restaurant with great reviews on the  second famous service. People were raving about the fresh seafood from this famous chef. Seeing a 40-minute line outside, we thought, "Oh, this place must be awesome."

But when the waiter brought out our dishes, each looking like some cheap battered fish, it hit us—we'd been duped.

dagama app

daGama idea

After an unsuccessful experience, I approached a local guy, gave him a map, a pen, and asked him to mark the places where they serve delicious food. From that moment on, everything was not only tasty but also affordable.

So, the idea came up to create an app where you can quickly find cool spots based on genuine reviews and recommendations from folks who share their tastes and preferences.

daGama mission

Our mission is to forge a global community where participants share their discoveries and quality recommendations, earning rewards in daGama tokens. Businesses will distinguish themselves not through marketing alone but by the quality of their service and products.

Together, we are shaping a people's map of recommendations, enabling each participant to travel like a local and become a discoverer of exceptional places.

Dagama token

daGama team

We have assembled a close-knit team of professionals in their field. They are not only skilled at what they do, but they also wholeheartedly share our values and mission. Many of them have faced the same problems that we are solving, and are ready to invest their all in the project.

Gabriel Khattar

Gabriel Khattar


  • Serial entrepreneur (SAAS, fintech startups)
  • Ex-CGI financial consultant for HNWIs
  • Ex-Mastercard Europe SA strategy development officer & Ex-Tameer Steel Factory manager)
  • NDI and Ministry of Youth (Jordan) — manager for assessing and allocating resources for renovation (sport facilities
  • 6+ years of professional experience in management

Julia Mahmoud


  • Ex-PO at Access Softek, Berkeley CA, US
  • Regular startup accelerators, hackathons participant
  • Ex-PM Libertex Group, Limassol Cyprus
  • Agile Coach with focus on delivery 10+ international teams
  • Public lecturer, has trained over 200 people 
in the use of digital technology

Serge Bakin


  • Owner of Bakin Studio — solution-oriented visioner of more than 30 enterprise companies
  • Ex-CPO Cybertonica & Ex-product visioner Angry.Space
  • Speaker for UI/UX conferences
  • 20+ years of professional experience in IT
  • 5+ years of experience in Blockchain / Crypto

Paul Danilov


  • Serial entrepreneur. Launched 15+ tech startups worldwide, turning ideas into thriving realities
  • Eх co-founder & CTO Tripplanet
  • Ex-CTO Weconnect
  • 20+ years of professional experience in IT
  • Ex-system architect and backend developer Picnic (social media with over 1m+ users)

Arthur Ardinauskas


  • Startup scout & syndicate admin
  • Ex-leading investor relations & portfolio manager at Freedom Finance
  • International consumer relations specialist in an oil & gas company with capitalisation of over 5B$ (NDA)
  • Large international network circle in investment industry
  • 8+ years of professional experience in BD

Max Khoroshev

Head of blockchain development

  • Ex-lead dev system for sports team games using high noise location technologies
  • Managed blockchain development of 9+ projects
  • Developed complex systems within the concept of the IoT and blockchain
  • 5+ years of experience in blockchain development
  • Investigates control algorithms and parallel operation


Ian Scarffe

Ian Scarffe

Ranked No.1 Global Blockchain Advisor
Sky Wee

Sky Wee

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