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daGama, your passport to unique experiences! We are transforming your exploration journey. With our Impressions Map, AI-Based Recommendations, and User Points of Interest, you'll uncover hidden gems recommended by locals.

Customize emotion around you

Travelers explore community-recommended places and earn.

Discover places that match your mood

Find your perfect places with reviews from like-minded people.

Grow your business to new heights

High-quality product? Get more customers with less marketing spend.

daGama Services and Platform Ecosystem

For you impressions
Mobile App (iOS, Android)
In our app, users can find places that suit their needs and share impressions of their visits. We focus on highlighting the strengths and weaknesses of each establishment, as well as taking into account your personal preferences. No abstract ratings, just quality recommendations.
for your safety
EVM based networks
The internal economy of our ecosystem is based on the Arbitrum blockchain, which unlocks all the capabilities of the Ethereum Virtual Machine and takes them to a new level. That’s why we have vast opportunities for scaling and integrating third-party applications.
For your safety
Hierarchical protection system against fake reviews
daGama introduces a multi-layered defense mechanism designed to maintain the integrity and authenticity of reviews on our platform. At the core of our approach is the hierarchical protection system, a sophisticated blend of technology and community oversight that safeguards against fraudulent content.
For your business
POS Terminal
Businesses, such as cafes, restaurants, and others, will be able to accept payments from customers through an app. Payments can be made with cash, bank cards, and QR codes. When paying in this manner, users receive cashback.
For your business
Business Panel
Engage with your audience, run various marketing campaigns, attract new customers, control cash flow, and analyze results.
Roles of daGama
Our ecosystem empowers content creators, travelers, city dwellers, and small business owners to fully realize their potential.
Adventurers and travelers who unveil new and extraordinary places. Users earn tokens for each newly discovered place.
Users who, upon request from businesses, embark on honest investigations of places. Only through inspectors can businesses willingly join DaGama. Inspectors earn tokens for actively participating in the inspection of new places.
Users connecting businesses or entrepreneurs linking their companies to DaGama's Business Panel. Monetizers earn tokens for each connected business.
Users who verify the authenticity and quality of reviews, acting as community moderators. Likes and dislikes from moderators influence the place's ranking. Moderators receive tokens for successful validation and ensuring content reliability.
Users who attract new participants to the DaGama ecosystem. Recruiters receive tokens for each recruited user.
Users who share honest reviews and impressions of already-discovered places. Users receive tokens for high-quality reviews.
How it will work
Surely you have at least one obscure place that your friends recommended to you and that place is really good.

Imagine an app with a multitude of such hidden gems. Recommendations compilation 'for insiders' without fakes.

Moreover, anyone can earn by sharing their discoveries and travel experiences.
Finding a Place for You
AI-powered venue finder for meetups and friend gatherings.
Tips and Hacks
Top travel tips and money-saving hacks for travelers
Advanced Bookmarking System
User-friendly bookmarking system to keep track of your discoveries.


Join daGama on a journey to travel innovation. Our rapid growth and ambitious goals promise a revolution in exploring the world. Creating a movement towards authentic adventures.
Q2 2024
Launching in DubaiAuto translation review to EnglishVideo reviews availableLegal for crypto partWallet with points for B2C
Q3 2024
Personal account for B2B clientsUser questions and booking inquiry to B2BActual Events on mapAI assistance for B2C — experience oriented recommendation
Q4 2024
AI for B2B personal accountUser referral and loyalty programs
Q1 2025
AI marketing assistance for B2BAI Trip Planner for B2CTrust Wallet integration and enable paying
Q2 2025
Integrations with popular hotels CRM (Zoho, HubSpot etc )
Q3 2025
Launching in AsiaWeb-version for B2CAuto translation review to multiple languages
Q4 2025
Launching GAMA Protocol. Launching DAGAMA Token $300k Gama Grant Program: growth and innovation facilitation
Q1 2026
Launching in Europe